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The THYME Project represents an innovative collaborative opportunity between the universities of Hull, York, and Teesside and industry partners to develop good practice and knowledge exchange to stimulate economic growth in sustainable bio-based industries. The partnership will facilitate the development of innovative projects between higher education institutions and industry professionals to improve existing, and establish new, sustainable industries. THYME is focused on delivering three primary objectives:


1) Transforming bio-based waste into new products;

2) Converting industrial sites by re-purposing them for bio-based manufacturing;

3) Growing the productivity of the region’s bioeconomy as a whole.


My work is focused around objective three and will develop innovative methods of improving the regional bioeconomy (in this case, the region's arable farming sector), whilst strengthening environmental and socioeconomic resilience to future climate change. 

Updates from the project will be posted here and via social media. For more information on the THYME Project, please visit the link below.


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